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Why Choose Us ?

We teach anyone who wants to learn French : children from 3 years of age, teenagers and adults. We create personalized programs to meet your objectives. We provide both private and group tuition.
  • We are MOE registered
  • All our teachers are native French speakers
  • We have small group classes
  • Our lessons are personalized
  • We teach Monday to Sunday

What Clients Say

I have always wanted to learn French but found it so difficult and had bad experiences in the past. Since I met my teacher Amelie, my motivation to learn French has come back!! She encouraged me to be patient and most of all, to speak! She is a very talented and comprehensive tutor, she uses appropriate teaching methodologies and makes her classes fun, creating an environment conducive to learning; merci professeur!!”
Jillian, French Private Course
“ French Studio is very good. Our teacher, Sara is fantastic. She explains the lesson very clearly and she makes learning French enjoyable. I will recommend French Studio as a great place to learn French !
Maria, French Group Class
When I emailed French Studio, I was afraid I crossed some moral boundary as what I was asking for did not in any way conform to social etiquette. Yet, 12 lessons later and not a single lesson regretted. Never looked back. Thank you for giving me one hell of an incredible teacher. I have never found a teacher so approachable and open-minded. It works well to have a range of diversity in any work place, and it is obvious that the French Studio so readily accomplishes this. Above all, she teaches with natural eloquence and fluency, making it easier to learn and understand, as a teacher who strives to fill a student with knowledge, I believe she is fully successful. Thank you French Studio for giving me a chance and for having her.
I had Sara as my personal French tutor for about 3 months and I have not forgotten what she has taught me. She is thorough with her teaching and ensures that I understand before moving forward. Sara is most patient and kind, and I felt very comfortable being under her tutorage. I always feel I have gained more knowledge and am able to speak and understand French better after each class. I would definitely recommend Sara as a tutor to anyone who is interested in adopting this beautiful language.
My son took up French in Primary 4. He was new to the subject but his tutor explained the language quite well, his basics became strong and he started reading in just one month’s time. Juliette has made the language very easy for him and he looks forward for his next class. Thx for the help!