10 Funny French Idioms With Animals

– With French Studio –

Did you know there are a lot of French idioms where animals are quote to express a person’s feeling or a situation? French Studio has selected 10 of its favorites.
If you use these idioms in your daily life you will sound like a native!

1) Give your tongue to the cat – In French: Donner sa langue au chat
Meaning: to give up

2) To put a Rabbit – In French: Poser un lapin – Meaning: To stand somebody up

3) To be sick like a dog – In French: Etre malade comme un chien
Meaning: To be very sick

4) Do a cold duck – In French: Faire un froid de canard – Meaning: It’s freezing

5) To eat like a sparrow – In French: Avoir un appétit d’oiseau
Meaning: To have a small appetite

6) To be proud like a rooster – In French: Etre fier comme un coq
Meaning: To be proud

7) To scamper off like a hare – In French: Détaler comme un lièvre
Meaning: To leave very quickly

8) To take under one’s wings – In French: Prendre quelqu’un sous son aile
Meaning: To protect someone

9) To be on feathers – In French: Se faire plumer – Meaning: To get soaked

10) To be as hungry as a wolf – In French: Avoir une faim de loup
Meaning: To be very hungry

There are lots of others famous French idioms with animals. If you know some of them, share with us!