Honey Bread degustation

at French Studio

Last week our students from the adults group classes were lucky to discover some treats before their classes !

What is ‘Honey Bread’:
Named Le Pain d’Épices in French (which literally means Spices Bread), Honey Bread is very popular in Europe and especially in France. This particular kind of bread can be savoured with salty or sugar-based food, like Fois Gras or Ice cream for example. The delicacy’s roots trace back to China during the tenth century and since then it has travelled around the world resulting in influences from different civilizations in Egypt, India, and France.

The story of company Carré Pain d’Épices:
Delphine starts her “Carré Pain d’Épices” adventure in 2011.Her first objective was to create a recipe like it was made before, that means without eggs and dairy-free. It took almost a year of tests to finally find the perfect balance.
Today you can find her famous Pain d’Épices in many Chef restaurants here in Singapore or you can buy online to savour it at home with your friends.

The testing:
Students were invited to discover the Pains d’Épices, with four differents tastes : natural, orange, ginger and mango. And they all enjoyed it!

Thank you to Delphine from Carré Pain d’épices for her collaboration! You can visit her website for more information about the product: http://carrepaindepices.com

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