Yogurt Cake

An easy French cake to prepare with your kids!

Did you think about cooking to share a great moment with your children(s)?

Every child likes yogurt cake. Not only its tast is so great and sweet, but also, this is a great opportunity to cook with their parents! Indeed, it is an easy recipe so they can participate!
That’s why we want to share this recipe with you. We introduce some french words to learn this language in a fun way.

Let’s cook budding pastry!


Before starting your preparation switch on your oven at 180 degrees and butter your baking tin.

1. Put the yogurt into a salad bowl (or another big recipient, where you can mix your ingredients). Keep the yogurt tub! It will help you to measure other ingredients.

Add, in this order, with a mixing spoon: sugar (sucre), eggs (oeufs), flour (farine) , baking powder (levure), salt (sel) and oil (huile).

2. Put your preparation into the baking tin (buttered).

3. Cook it in the oven for 35 minutes.

4. Let it cool down and remove it from the tin.

You cake is ready to be served! You can customize it with things you like, such as chocolate powder, Nutella, icing sugar…

Bon Appétit !