Your French library in Singapore!

We know that learning the French language can be quite challenging, especially when your mother tongue is not similar at all. A new alphabet, different grammar, all those new words to remember and a very different pronunciation.

But if we focus on the bright side, it is actually a lot of fun! Especially when you make it easier yourself! Isn’t it great to discover the French culture which is enriched with beautiful romantic songs, movies, amazing pastries and the greatest literature?

From our experience we know that mastering a language and understanding its culture can be stimulated by watching in English subtitled French movies such as “les Intouchables”, watching TF1’s news, reading le Monde’s newspaper and read a lot of books!

Talking about books… we have just opened our own French library. A collection of more than 500 French novels, books for children, magazines and DVD’s! From 50 “j’aime lire” for children, classics such as Flaubert’s “Madame Bovary” and Emile Zola to more modern novels such as “Demain” by Musso.

No more worries about a lack of vocabulary, soon the pronunciation of “champagne”, or how to eat a “huitre” will be a piece of “crepe”! Just ask how to become a member, rent a book and … Bonne lecture!