10 new fun and trendy French words in the French dictionary

French Studio mades the selection of the French words the most used in 2015 and edited in the French dictionaries.

Every year the French language evolves and new words appear. Generally, they replace a formal expression. So, you can use them in an informal context with your friends.

1. KIFFER means to love/ to like. You can use it each time you want to say that you like something or someone. But, we do not recommend you to make a declaration of love with this word… your declaration would not have the desired effect. It’s not a really romantic word. For example “J’ai trop kiffé ce cours de français!”

2. CHOUPINET means cute. When something seems ‘So cute!’ like children, cats or puppies you can say for example “Il est trop choupinet!”.

3. TAFFER means to work. Now French people do not say ‘I am going to work’ but “Je vais taffer”. And they speak about their ‘TAFF’ and not anymore about their work. Keep the verb ‘taffer’ for your friends or your colleagues but not for your boss.

4. CHELOU means weird, strange. If something seems strange you can say ‘C’est vraiment chelou!’ / it’s really weird!

5. ZÉNITUDE it’s a sensation of calm, appeasement and serenity. You can say I get a state of zénitude / peace of mind.

6. CARTONNER means a big success. If a friend succeeds in something you can say “Tu as cartonné!”

7. VACHEMENT replaces very, much. It indicates a very high level. “Ça me fait vachement plaisir de te voir!” / I am really happy to see you! Or “Ce film est vachement drôle!” / This movie is so funny!

8. BOLOS means idiot. But, this word is very pejorative; it’s an insult used by young people. Be careful if you use it!

9. PSYCHOTER means to be paranoid. For example, when you think that a lot of people say bad things about you. Your friends will tell you “Tu psychotes!”

10. BINOUZE it’s a beer. If you go out with your friends you have a lot of chance to hear “On va se boire une binouze!” / We are going to drink a beer!

Now you can use all these new words with your friends.

If you know other words or other expressions share them with us. We are also curious to know which words you have already learned. Who knows maybe it will be in the French dictionary in the edition 2016?