8 fun ways to learn new French words in the Parisian Subway!

French Studio mades the selection of 8 new French words illustrated in the Parisian Subway !

Discover how the photographer Janol Apin staged the name of the Parisian metro stations with disguised people to translate their literal meaning.

1. Monceau (mon sceau) literally means “my bucket”. That’s why you can see two people fighting for his bucket.

2. Rue de la Pompe means “Push-ups Street”. That explains why the man makes push-ups.

3. Glacière means “ice box”. The French expression “C’est une vraie glaciėre” is often used in France to describe a place where it is very cold.

4. Bonne nouvelle means “Good news”. As you already know, bad news don’t exist in Paris!

5. Porte maillot : Porter = to wear and Maillot= undershirt. Here, four guys wear their undershirt.

6. Duroc could be decomposed as follows: “Du roc(k)” , just like Rock’n’roll.

7. Rue des boulets – “Boulets” means literally a ball.
But, it’s also a French expression, “Être un boulet” it’s someone or something you can not be released. It’s a burden.

8. Gratte ciel means “skyscrapers”. Here people represents the famous picture “Lunch atop a Skyscraper” (in 1932).

If you know French words that you can translate with a funny costume, share it with French Studio!