Secondary 3 Term 4 - Saturday 12pm to 2pm - French Studio

06jul12:00 pmSecondary 3 Term 4 - Saturday 12pm to 2pm - French StudioDatesSaturdays, 06th Jul to 24th Aug Time12pm to 2pm Price$295
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Price $295.00$355.00


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As a school registered under MOE, this Secondary 3 course is specifically designed for students who have completed their Secondary 1 syllabus or who have studied French for 1 year. In small group classes we’ll focus on developing your French speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, through a range of fun, interactive activities. You’ll take part in role plays and group activities, play games, listen to French songs and learn about the French culture through themed lessons. We follow the exact same syllabus as the Ministry of Education Language Centre for students who are studying French in lieu of Mother Tongue or as a third language and will work towards preparing you for your annual exam in September. This Secondary level program of 4 years will carry students from beginner level at Secondary 1 to advanced level at Secondary 4.


Following a recap of the vocabulary and language skills learnt throughout Secondary 1, we will gradually start to introduce new grammar rules and topics.  In the year of 5 terms, we’ll look at pronouns, adjectives and how to conjugate verbs in the future tense, as well as how to talk about the seasons, weather and cultural activities.  By the end of the course you will have also learnt how to say the date in French, talk about how you feel and be able to give and understand directions.
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