It’s the 1st of April: Let’s celebrate Le Poisson d’Avril!

An untied shoelace? Frozen cornflakes? Or a fish on your friend’s back?

Do you feel like making a joke or commit a foolery with one of your friends? Grab your chance today, it’s “Le Poisson d’Avril”, April Fool’s day!

Every year, in France and in many other countries, children and adults are looking forward to celebrate the 1st day of April. But why? It’s the international joke’s day! During that day everyone is “officially” allowed to makes little jokes with friends, colleagues and family.

In France, the 1st of April tradition is called “le poisson d’Avril”, April’s Fish. French children (and even adults) secretly stick a paper fish on someone’s back. If the person carries the fish on his back during the entire day without paying attention, your joke has been a real succes!

But why do we actually celebrate this day?

We find the origins of April Fool’s Day in the French history, in 1564 to be exact. In that year, the king Charles IX decided to set the 1st day of the calendar to the 1st of January. Before that, the 1st of April used to be the first day of the new year.
The French conservatives were not very happy with this decision and took action! What happened? They started to offer fake gifts and to realize jokes every year on the 1st April.

Do you want to create an April’s fish for your child or for yourself?

Draw a fish that you can color, cut and then stick on the back of your friends! Enjoy the April’s Fish Day like the French!

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Have fun!