13 feelings that only French learners will understand

1. My first French class ever…

My First French Class Ever

2. But now…when I go to France, I can speak French!

When I Go To France, I Can Speak French

3. When I realized that EVERY French noun has a gender.  Why is “une voiture” feminin and “un bus” masculin? Why? WHY??

4. Then, the teacher taught us how to conjugate verbs.

The Teacher Taught Us How To Conjugate Verbs

5. I tried to remember by myself. Je vais, Tu vas, Il ou Elle va, Nous… Wait? No.

I Tried To Remember By Myself

6. And then I finally got it…

And Then I Finally Got It

7. But, that was not the only grammar rule. Why do the French make their life so complicated??

The Only Grammar Rule

8. So when I thought I was finally done, the teacher gave me a list with ALL the exceptions to the rule.There are more exceptions than the rule itself!!

List With ALL The Exceptions

9. Let’s make sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t get the clue!

Let’s Make Sure I’m Not The Only One Who Doesn’t Get The Clue

10. Teachers love to answer your question by “because that’s how it works in French”. WHERE IS THE LOGIC?!

Because That’s How It Works In French

11. When the teacher asks me a question…You’re asking me? Why me?

When The Teacher Asks Me A Question

12. When I answer the question correctly…Such a relief!

When I Answer The Question Correctly

13. And then, one day, I just got it! Like the French say: CHAMPAGNEEE!


But don’t worry! French is very fun to learn and not that difficult. You will enjoy learning a new language and also a new culture.
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